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Poly fantasy AU where Kurt marries someone and Blaine is their page and has to sleep at the foot of their bed every night and Blaine is sort of in love with them both and lies there in torment listening to them have sex and laugh and talk and this goes on for weeks and weeks and weeks until both Kurt and his husband start to flirt with/fall for Blaine in return and finally it comes out and they drag Blaine into bed between them and threesome relationship.


Can I nominate Elliott for Kurt’s husband?


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Chris Colfer guest starring on Hot in Cleveland

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adorkabledarrencriss replied to your photo “My course ends August 1st and I’m MORE than ready for it to be over.”

Is it hard? Or just time consuming? I’ve been debating doing those courses, I think I need to take two of them.

Annoyingly time consuming lol. Not hard (though sometimes the way they word the questions is like ‘what? what are you trying to ask me here? this makes no sense’

You only need to take two? Lucky! This is my third and I have to take four more. 

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I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched this scene. I just love all the tiny expressions and the sheer disbelief on his face.

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I know I’ve been playing for a while—I know what time I started, I know I had like an hour…(x)

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--------------- Hi! I'm Kiki! --------------I'm Canadian. A Gleek. A Starkid. A Klainer. And a general well wisher. I also like happy things. Hence why most of my everything centres around Darren Criss because he's just inherently a happy boy :)
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