i agree. i melted too. i downloaded the conversation with sharon to be able to gif that. buuuut if you find where that is, maybe tomorrow i can?? maybe?

i would love you forever. i will look to see what times it’s at and send you a message. even if you can’t do it it’s okay. i appreciate the offer :)

crissgilmore replied to your post: crissgilmore replied to your post:Chan…

which one is it? where’s the source so i can see it?


it’s the third gif down on the left (where he raises his eyebrows)

i will pay someone in virtual hugs and kisses if they can gif a part of darren’s higoodbye video for me so i can make it my sidebar gif (i tried but the one i have doesn’t move when i put it in and i don’t know whyyyy)

is it supposed to move? it isn’t moving. …

bah! i was just about to send you an ask asking you to check if it was moving. it moves when i change it in ‘customize’ but not when i look at my blog out of cutstomize! *cries*


iamraven asked: “StarKid Potter!! Okay, I’m done. So what’s next for you, after Glee?”

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"Darren Criss here, live from my kitchen. This is where I get the best light."

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i’m so confused by this higoodbye thing. like what is happening? i clicked ona link, have watched LITERALLY two seconds, and have more second hand embarassment then I can handle. is the whole thing like this? Darren looks lovely but I don’t think I can handle the awkward phone calls.



and there’s always room in the tum tum for my newest obsession, cronuts.

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