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catia_giga: It was a pleasure meet someone so nice and cute like you, a person that I always wanted to meet, expecially in London! Thank you Darren! ❤❤❤ #me #darrencriss #glee #sonice #socute #primrosehill #london [x]

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More or less done my course! Three days early too!

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You watch your stories and you eat all this food and you skype with Blaine…

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So I wrote four drabbles based on prompts sent from the wonderful Elle. This is 4 of 4.

*Side note: I wouuld like to point out that without even trying I wrote all four of these at different times in their relationship: the first one was present day Klaine, the second was pre-relationship Klaine, the third was baby!klaine and this one is married!klaine. That’s pretty cool if I do say so myself :)

Prompt: “Send me a “Congrats" and I’ll write a drabble about their first anniversary"


“Okay does everyone finally have a drink?!” Sam yells over the crowd of people currently filling the Anderson-Hummel living room. It’s not an extremely large crowd but Sam would tell you differently if you asked, having had to go around and make sure all the guests had a full drink in their hands for this moment.

“Who cares?” Santana yells to the blonde who is standing on the couch to see over everyone’s heads, “And you realize Kurt is going to KILL you for standing on his couch right?” She says but it doesn’t sound too much like a warning, almost like she’s hoping Kurt WILL attack Sam.

“I’m not wearing shoes Santana, it’s fine.” Sam says even though he’s not sure that’s true. Just the week before both he and Blaine had gotten in shit from the older man for doing this exact thing (it was the Living Room Olympics! What else were they supposed to do?) and he’s pretty sure Blaine had slept on this very couch as punishment, “Okay everyone!” He yells over the still talking crowd. It quiets slightly at his words and he can see the faces of almost all of Kurt and Blaine’s loved ones turn his way.

Not all of them could make it and Sam was okay with that. It wasn’t like this was the couples wedding or like..baby shower or anything. But they had made it through their first year of marriage (a feat Sam has been told can be truly difficult) and dammit Sam was going to celebrate with them. He had planned the whole thing and was glad by the turn out. The only missing former New Directions members are Kitty and Ryder and even Wes, David and Trent had showed up to represent the Warblers. A few new additions to Kurt and Blaine’s social circle since moving to New York are also in attendance and of course Burt, Carole, Cooper and John and Maria Anderson. He’s pretty proud of himself if he does say so himself.

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So I wrote four drabbles based on prompts sent from the wonderful Elle. This is 3 of 4. I think this one probably meant their first birthday as a couple, but I took it a different way. I hope you like it!

Prompt: “Send me a “Birthday" and I’ll write a drabble about them spending their first birthday together" 

First Birthday

Cooper can’t think of anything WORSE then being at a one year old’s birthday party. Cooper’s eleven. He’s too cool for this shit. And yeah, he’s gonna say ‘shit’ in his thoughts. Just because his father would take a strip off him if he said it out loud doesn’t mean John Anderson has any dominion over his thoughts.

“Cooper!” Speak of the devil and the tone is just serious enough that Cooper thinks for a second that maybe his father CAN read his thoughts. He shakes his head at the stupid thought though and makes his way out of his hiding spot (the living room) to find his father standing at the door to the back porch.

“Yes father?” Cooper asks politely, hoping his father won’t mention anything about his absence.

“Your mother would like you to watch the children for a second while she gets the cake ready.” John Anderson says with all the warmth of a drill sergeant. It’s a command, not a request. John Anderson never says please or thank you (unless he’s trying to impress someone and trying to impress Cooper has never even occurred to him).

“Yes father.” Cooper sighs and follows his father out into the warm summer air of their backyard.

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So I wrote four drabbles based on prompts sent from the wonderful Elle. This is 2 of 4.

Prompt: Send me a “Tickle” and I’ll write a drabble about character discovering the other is ticklish


Kurt bites his lip as he side eyes Blaine. He’s nervous and he’s not sure why. Okay he totally knows why but he really wishes he weren’t. They’re in Warbler rehearsal and Kurt is sure Wes is at the table saying something inspirational but Kurt isn’t listening. He’s far to busy going over his plan in his mind.

Blaine for his part, is oblivious (as usual Kurt thinks to himself) sitting next to Kurt with a polite smile on his face as he listens raptly to everything Wes is saying; nodding at the appropriate times and generally being his perfect self.

Kurt takes a deep breath and thinks once again about his plan. 

He’s going to touch Blaine.

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