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Ginger ale is the best kind of pop, hands down.

I read this first as “Ginger Ale is the best kind of poop” and got hella confused *does an awkward jig*

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I don’t understand why the phrase ‘Have your cake and eat it too’ can be used as a bad thing.

Like…yeah if I have cake I’m going to eat it. Who has cake and doesn’t eat it too?

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happy last day of summer! drink some pop and get caffiene! or coffee. I don’t know if you drink pop…

teehehehe i actually don’t drink pop OR coffee. The occasional Ginger Ale maybe but I went out for breakfast with my sister, brother in law and nephew today and ate WAY to much so I definitely don’t wanna also drink ginger ale on top of that. Thanks for the suggestion and the happy wishing! :)

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I think my plan backfired on me.

Let me rewind. My plan was to stay up super late last night and wake up super early this morning so that I would be tired tonight and get a good night’s sleep before work starts again tomorrow.

But now I’m just exhausted in the middle of the day and I just have this feeling that when I go to go to bed tonight…I won’t be tired. *double sigh* lol

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grantgust: Me and my roommates getting home from work early in the morn last week. #nationaldogday

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I wanna cuddle like SO bad (it’s been so long) but I don’t just wanna cuddle ANYONE, ya feel?

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What if they don’t make Darren cut his hair this year? What if because of everything crappy going on in his life Blaine is just like ‘fuck it’ and lets it grow?

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--------------- Hi! I'm Kiki! --------------I'm Canadian. A Gleek. A Starkid. A Klainer. And a general well wisher. I also like happy things. Hence why most of my everything centres around Darren Criss because he's just inherently a happy boy :)
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