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MrDanielNguyen: @MiaVonGlitz @DarrenCriss @TenilleHouston thanks for the dancing and laughs safe travels had to crop out my baby bump [x]

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i eated too much cupcakes. i think i might throw up

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someone should write me a lea/darren/mia fic.


i would take lea/darren or mia/darren as a consolation.

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so i forgot to mention that a few nights ago i had a dream that i was watching some sort of entertainment news show (except i was LIVING the entertainment news show you know? like it wasn’t on TV, it was like *I* was filming it) but ANYWAY, it was like they had just come back from commercial or something and the announcer was like ‘speaking of glee it looks like darren criss has decided to tie the knot’ and then they cut to this whole segment of mia and like her getting ready for the wedding and then i suddenly woke up. 

it was SUPER stranger lol

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--------------- Hi! I'm Kiki! --------------I'm Canadian. A Gleek. A Starkid. A Klainer. And a general well wisher. I also like happy things. Hence why most of my everything centres around Darren Criss because he's just inherently a happy boy :)
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