Happiness Personified
i bet mr. colfer would have some great suggestions on how to do this halloween costume. unfortunately, i am not him.

ummm…you need to work harder on being him. obviously. the fact that you are not chris is actually kind of hurting our friendship to be honest.

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something is wrong with my foot. and i hate that i’m gonna have to go to the doctor to figure it out (either that or urgent care but it’s not really URGENT). also, i need to figure out a super cheap (but also super awesome) way to make a trash can for my halloween costume (going as oscar the grouch).

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--------------- Hi! I'm Kiki! --------------I'm Canadian. A Gleek. A Starkid. A Klainer. And a general well wisher. I also like happy things. Hence why most of my everything centres around Darren Criss because he's just inherently a happy boy :)
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